Here Are Some of My Areas of Expertise:

1. Twitter

  • Twitter marketing basics
  • Rapid follower growth on Twitter
  • Finding and engaging with highly targeted customers on Twitter
  • Building ongoing relationships with potential customers
  • Maintaining relationships with customers
  • Building credibility through Twitter
  • The best ways to drive traffic from twitter to your website so they turn into customers
  • Just about anything you need from twitter….I can take care of it.

2. Facebook

  • Developing a long-term Facebook marketing strategy
  • Facebook page design strategies & best practices
  • Turning your Facebook page into a lead magnet
  • Making sure you are not repelling customers through bad Facebook posts
  • Facebook advertising secrets
  • How to make the most out of your ads so you stop wasting money
  • Rapid fan growth
  • Finding the right people on Facebook so you are only promoting to people who care about what you have to offer

3. Pinterest (I love Pinterest!)

  • Building large followings on Pinterest
  • Developing a Pinterest strategy that best suits your business needs
  • How to understand the culture of Pinterest so you become hot on Pinterest
  • Turning Pinterest followers into leads and customers

4. Instagram

  • Build a large following of thousands of raving fans on Instagram
  • Publish the right content so people don’t look down upon your brand
  • Develop a content strategy for Instagram, even if you don’t feel your company is “photo friendly”

I consider these my 4 areas of expertise. But I am the social expert, meaning if you have questions or inquiries about getting your business launched on one of the other big name platforms not mentioned here, I can probably help you with it. If it’s social media, I’m your man!