[Podcast] How to Build Your Brand & Reach More Customers with Instagram

10 years ago, the social media baby was being born. Myspace and Facebook were in their earliest stages of development and nobody had any idea just how much they would change the world. Now, we all understand just how powerful social media has become.

Social media has become the center of people’s lives. Whether you consider that a good or a bad thing, it’s happening and you as a brand or business owner need to recognize it. I’m sure you already have…

But now something else is happening. Before the social media child even had the opportunity to turn 10, a change in atmosphere occurred. Just a few years into it’s life-span, a little gadget called the smart phone was introduced to our world, and low and behold…a new medium arrived.

This allowed for something very special to happen (or dangerous depending on your status): Social is going mobile. It’s no secret. All the monsters of the social web like facebook and twitter have mobilized their forces to the smart phone…

But this new medium has allowed allowed a whole new type of media to erupt: Strictly-Mobile Social Media. A very select few companies have emerged as this whole “social media gone-mobile” era is surfacing as places for people to socialize and interact strictly on mobile devices. And one particular company has skyrocketed past them all…



How To Build a Brand On Instagram

The simple, picture sharing, mobile platform that appears to be swarmed with teenage girls now has more daily active users than twitter (over 150 million!). And brands and business people have begun to experiment with how they can market on this platform.

What they found is that it is more than just teenage girls using Instagram. The mass market has found Instagram and people from all walks of life are using the user friendly media platform…which has opened up and entire new marketing channel. AND IT WILL BE EXPLODING SOON.

After learning this, and some other mind-blowing facts, I decided to reach out and find someone who has already figured out how to use Instagram as a legitimate marketing channel that drives real sales and creates actual brand authority.

In my research, I found a man by the name of Jason Miles.

Jason, an entrepreneur who runs a business that sells doll clothing (a small, but surprising very scalable business) has figured out how to create massive authority and use Instagram as a primary marketing channel to build trust and attract loyal customers to his business. He recently published a book on the topic, called Instagram Power: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with the Power of Pictures.

This week, I had the opportunity to speak with Jason on the phone and he allowed me to record the interview and share it with all my lovely followers. I’m really hooking you guys up with this content…

Here’s what you will learn in this podcast:

– Why Instagram will inevitably become the best place to reach customers and potential within the coming year

– Why Instagram is much easier to maintain as a marketer than facebook and twitter; and how to effectively engage without having to be constantly involved

– Simple tactics for building a massive following on Instagram very quickly

– Jason’s top 2 marketing strategies on the platform (they are simple and can be implemented immediately)

– How to post premium “advertisements” for FREE…

Click Below to Listen:

Click Here to learn more about Jason’s Best Selling Book Instagram Power: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with the Power of Pictures. Jason has also authored 2 other books, which you can learn more about at his website http://marketingonpinterest.com


Jason Miles; Author of Instagram Power: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with the Power of Pictures; Founder of Liberty Jane Clothing; Connect with Jason at his blog http://marketingonpinterest.com

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  1. Pricilla Cannon
    3 years ago

    Very insightful blog and loved this particle article. I will be purchasing the book and coming back to read often !

    • Alex Hamm
      Alex Hamm
      3 years ago

      Awesome stuff 🙂 Thanks for your kind words Pricilla

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