Is your business “photo friendly”?

There is a lot of questioning out there of what social media platforms to use, and how many your business needs to have a presence on in order to be effective. Most businesses tend to neglect all platforms except for the 2 mammoths: Facebook & Twitter. While these 2 are very important to utilize, their are several platforms that could really be providing a lot of value to your business.

Let me ask you this: Do you feel your business is “photo friendly”? Meaning, do you think certain pictures displaying your product, or industry would be intriguing to consumers?

Here are a few examples:

Photo Friendly Businesses: Restaurants, Flower shops, blogs, online retailers, bakeries, clothing stores, etc.

Non-Photo Friendly Businesses: Accountants, financial planners, insurance agencies, etc.

If you feel your business falls into the photo friendly category, I want you to pay close attention. Twitter and Facebook just will not cut it anymore. There is a mountain of potential to show off your business and it is not on one of these 2 platforms. It is on 2 other platforms that I’m sure you’ve heard of, but probably neglected up to this point.


Instagram & Pinterest.

These 2 photo networks have really come alive over the last few years. They are the perfect place to show off other dimensions of your business.

Here are a few facts that may interest you: Instagram just surpassed 200 million monthly active users, and Pinterest 100 million. Still not sure if you can find customers on these sites?

If you are curious to whether or not your business is photo friendly, email me at and I’ll shed some light 🙂


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  1. Jinan Kordab
    3 years ago

    Hi Alex,

    It is true, we sometimes neglect major social networks to market our brand, ourselves, things we like, our resume, and so on. And Instagram and Pinterest, as you mentioned, are a big help towards achieving this. Personally, I like Appearoo,
    where one can be found on many many sites. In my personal opinion, it is a work of art. Here is my account on appearoo:

    It would be also great, to be social photo friendly, to be able to find oneself, or one`s brand on every social network there is. Some say that there is a limit, and no need to go that far. I think a bit differently. Because it all depends on what do you want to put online.
    Another very attractive idea is being able to submit a post, a picture, a video file, a share, simultaneously with a single click to 300 + social networks. Buffer , or bufferapp is already doing this, but I am not sure if to 300 + or not. Many other sites also have plans where one can purchase to be able to submit and connect many social accounts in one place. Connecting is one thing, posting data to those accounts is totally different.
    As you might have known already, Microsoft has made its Framework Library .NET open source not so long ago. I wish that everyone of those social networks would expose their public APIs to the world. Then we would easily write gadgets to submit pictures, ads, campaigns to 300 + social networks at once.
    From sharing standpoint, it would be fantastic ! From marketing perspective, it is a dream for some.
    I do not know, maybe I am wrong,

    Thank you for providing the opportunity to express oneself 🙂

    Jinan Kordab

    • Alex Hamm
      Alex Hamm
      3 years ago

      Appearo seems like a very interesting platform!

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