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  1. Les Stoners
    3 years ago


    First, may I say that I am only leaving this comment because you sent me a Twitter message asking me to do so, and I always try to help if I can. Second, let me say that I admire your enthusiasm and entrepreneurship enormously, and genuinely wish you well for the future.

    Having said the above, I thought you might be interested to know why your blog does not really have much appeal for me, and probably a lot of people like me. The thing is, you seem to assume that everyone is looking for the same things that you, apparently, are: wealth, success and fame. I guess that you and your generation would probably refer to people (like me) who are not searching for such things as “losers”.

    I actually have a business, but I have never advertised it; nor would I want to, as it has successfully grown by word of mouth, and I am now in a position where I have to turn customers away. Why don’t I want to expand? Because I would prefer to be able to provide a high quality service to my existing customers, and I know that as a business grows, the service it provides will necessarily become more impersonal.

    So why do I use Twitter? I use it for what I assume it was originally intended – a place for people to listen to other peoples’ opinions, and put forward their own. There are a number of social issues which are close to my heart (things like human and animal rights, ecological issues, etc.) which I try to promote, but I accept the fact that most of my followers will not read my (or, for that matter, your) tweets. But obviously, the more followers a person has, the more likely their views are to be heard.

    Have I ever been influenced to purchase a product or service which has been promoted on Twitter? Never. In fact I mute people whose Tweets are of a commercial nature.

    We obviously come from two very different worlds, judging by some of your comments above; things like “having a large Twitter following is probably the easiest way to turn yourself from a nobody into a somebody that people view as important.” If this is true, then I guess you think people like Justin Bieber are INCREDIBLY important! You also say “It really doesn’t matter what you are saying, as long as you’re tweeting @ people.” Really? For me the whole point is tweeting things that I believe in; things that I think are important, even if they are not popular and may well lose me followers.

    Anyway, I will leave it there, and hope that you do not feel that my comments are unduly negative – they were intended to be constructive. As I said at the start, I wish you well in your endeavours; you are obviously a hard-working and motivated individual, and in your own words, a “Wiz-kid” – (I hope you meant that ironically!), and deserve to be successful. Best of luck for the future.

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