6 Things Your Business Should Know About Social Media

1. It’s worth your time

It used to be cold calling and door to door…now it’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The main difference? The new mediums are a whole lot easier to start, less emotionally painful, and have a higher return on your investment of time, energy, and money.

Your business needs to spend a large chunk of time interacting with customers and building relationships. That’s the back bone of your business and it’s what is going to keep you/make you profitable. As much as you’d like to sit back and outline marketing plans and brainstorm ideas, that stuff does not do any good if you are not actually getting out there and implementing those plans and ideas.

It’s time you understand that the more time you spend interacting with potential customers, the more revenue your business will drive. And just about ALL your customers are on social media to some extent, so understand that it’s the best place to build relationships and drive business nowadays.

2. It takes time

When I first started using social media to promote my online magazine, I did not expect it to take very long to start seeing traction. I was DEAD WRONG. Unless you have thousands of dollars in your marketing budget to spend and an expert social media marketer on your team, it’s going to take you quite a bit of time to start building up a following. That’s just how things are…good things take time.

I say this not to scare you off from investing resources in social media marketing, but to warn you that you will feel frustrated by the amount of time and effort it takes to start seeing results. But like I mentioned above, IT IS WORTH IT.

Understand that if you stay persistent with it, and you learn from your mistakes, you will eventually start to see BIG results. It’s about feeling things out and finding the best ways to connect with people, the culture and impression you want to promote, and then scaling.

3. It takes daily commitment

Just like I mentioned above about it taking time to see traction, it also takes daily time commitments. With social media, most people and businesses make the mistake of thinking they can chuck up a Facebook page, a twitter account, and an Instagram account, then through time the traffic will come. You probably read tip #2 above, and are thinking you can just put up your stuff, neglect it for 6 months…claiming that you’re just being patient…and all of a sudden the followers will come. That’s not how it works…

To build up an audience on social media, someone on your team will need to dedicate time on a daily basis to social media. I’m not saying it has to be a full time job, but someone definitely needs to dedicate a good chunk of time each day to tweeting out, posting pictures, and conversing with potential customers through the many social channels.

This must be a daily operation for your business. It’s okay to miss a day here and there, but understand that every day you miss you are neglecting a potential customer relationship. That’s the way you must view your social media marketing.

4. Focus on the main platforms

Now, you may be getting the impression that I’m suggesting you must spend hours per day on each of the hundreds of social platforms out there. This is not the case…

Instead, I suggest picking 2-3 platforms to spend the bulk of your time and resources on. You should probably at least have some sort of presence on every platform out there, but in terms of daily investment, pick 2-3 that work best for your business.

For most businesses, those 2 platforms will be Twitter and Facebook. Some of the other ones you should strongly  consider are Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine.

If you have the time and manpower to handle all these platforms, more power to you. But you’ll find that certain platforms work better for certain industries. Facebook and Twitter are the big behemoths the EVERY business should invest time and resources in, but others take some thinking about.

If you are a retail chain, a baker, or any kind of business that suits well with pictures, then Instagram, and Pinterest are MUST HAVES.

If you are a financial advisor, Pinterest and Instagram have no use to you (not to mention the regulations), but Linkedin, along with Facebook and Twitter, will be very powerful tools.

The point is, find a few platforms that best promote your business, and invest all resources into them.

5. It’s all about authenticity

When it comes down to it, the function of social media for business is to allow businesses to express their personalities and human side. People like to buy from REAL people, and nowadays it can be difficult to distinguish yourself as a business that actually cares about stuff other than the bottom line. Social media allows just that.

Whatever you do on social media, ALWAYS be authentic. Never try to express a personality you feel does not suit the business. It will look weird and people pick up on it. You’re much better off expressing elements of your personality that you feel the business contains.

It’s weird to think of a business having a personality, but that is just the case. And people want to work with the businesses that have the best personalities. So show your personality on Twitter and Facebook by being a real person, and having real conversations. Be a person, not just a robotic enterprise!

6. Social media is about relationships…THAT’S IT

When it comes down to it, social media is the new way to build relationships. The internet has completely changed the way people interact with one another, and now people are building the bulk of their relationships online (EVEN ROMANTIC!)

Behind all the branding and marketing campaigns that social media can be good for, in the end it’s all about forming and strengthening relationships. That’s why you need to use social media and that’s what is going to produce results for your business. If your social media marketing efforts are not building relationships with people,  then your efforts are practically useless.


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