5 Ways to Profit From Twitter’s New Layout

The world is always changing, and Twitter is no different. Twitter’s is gradually switching all accounts over to a more Facebook-like profile, and there is nothing we can do about it. So may as well learn to use it to our advantage…

As much as we humans hate change, it’s time we accept the inevitable and stop whining. Actually, Twitter is doing us a favor. The new layout not only gives your tweets more attention, but also enhances everything about your profile.


Let’s jump into a few ways that the new layout is better than the old one:

1. Tweets Are Enlarged….BIG TIME

If you’ve seen the new layout, you’ll notice that your tweets are posted on your profile in a much larger way. The tweets take up the majority of the profile page. This means your tweets are going to get much more attention when people look at your profile.

Also, the tweets that get the most traction, are especially enlarged. For instance, if one of your tweets only gets 1 favorite and 1 retweet, it won’t stand out in a particular way amongst other tweets. However, if one of your tweets get 7 favorites and 6 retweets, that tweet will be automatically be enlarged on your profile so visitors can see it much easier. Twitter helps us by making it easier to see the good stuff and hiding the weaker tweets.

2. Kiss The Background Goodbye

You’ll notice the background image is gone. Twitter has widened your profile so there is no more room for a sparkly background to surround your tweets and header. Some people are a little pissed about this. I feel it’s a blessing.

Not only did the background image provide little value, it took away attention from the meaningful parts of your profile; your tweets and profile header. That’s the section that is going to drive traffic to your site and send you the most leads and customers. So thank you, Twitter, for getting rid of the unnecessary scraps around our profile that only hurt our businesses.

3. Use Your Header Wisely

Now that the background image is gone, Twitter has given you a larger space for your header image. Now, be careful when placing your image. You need to keep in mind that the image is NOT CLICKABLE. So you want to make sure that the image doesn’t draw too much attention from the more meaningful parts of your profile.

To be honest, you could really get away with no header image at all. By leaving it blank and having a solid color sit in it’s place, at least you won’t be causing any unnecessary distraction from visitors.

My recommendation is to find an image that compliments your profile image (which hasn’t changed much), but does not take away attention from other parts. No sparkling images. ┬áIf you can’t find anything that works, leave it blank.

4. Cut Down On Your Bio

Your bio description is where you share who you are in a short phrase or sentence. Unfortunately, this is a part of the new layout that I’m not particularly fond of. It’s less “poppy” and is much more hidden. But needless to say, it’s still the most important aspect of your profile.

Keep it short and sweet. Not only will twitter not let you drag it on, people won’t want to read it and it will only look weirder as it gets longer. Find your elevator pitch and put it there. NO FLUFF.

5. Pictures Are King

…Actually, pictures were king with the old layout; they are like God with the new layout. Pick a large image and it will literally take up the entire profile. This is a HUGE opportunity for you.

Although you should not use pictures too often, you should definitely be using them frequently. They are too valuable of real estate to ignore. Choose images that represent your business well, and get a strong message across. And make sure you link out to your website in the tweet!

When it comes down to it, this new layout is huge opportunity if you choose to look at it that way. Twitter is working with us and seems to be on the side of businesses. Don’t let them down!


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