4 Tips for Creating The Perfect Facebook Ad

Facebook may be losing some traction to twitter and Instagram, but Facebook ads are still the number 1 way to directly promote your product or service to potential customers.  And still, most businesses still have not figured out how to create proper advertisements.

Let;’s break down what it takes to create a quality advertisement that will actually gets views and clicks to your website:

1. Advertise Your Top Results Webpage

This part does not even have anything to do with the Facebook ad itself, but it’s the most essential part of the process. The fact of the matter is, you could create the most beautifully built, perfectly targeted Facebook ad…but if you are not sending them to webpage that actually turns those visitors into leads or customers, you’re wasting money.

Figure out what webpage gets you the most results, and send Facebook clicks to that page. Maybe it’s a squeeze page where you collect emails, maybe it’s a sign up page, or maybe it’s a video sales letter. Maybe it’s just a page with your contact info. Whatever gets you the highest results, that’s the page to advertise.

2. Only Use Sponsored Stories and News Feed Ads (Avoid Right Column Ads)

This is a biggie. It’s also not very well-known. When publishing an ad on Facebook, it will allow you post the ad as either a sponsored story and news feed ad, or a right column ad, or both. ONLY pick the sponsored story/News feed ads.


No one looks at the little coupon code ads in the right column ads anymore. Your ads will get much more attention if you publish them as news feed ads. That’s where people are already looking, so that;s where you need to show up.

3. “Interests” Are The Most Important Factor

When determining who to push your ad out to, there are couple options to choose from. You can choose demographics, gender, behaviors, and connections. All these can be important, but the most important is interests. Make sure you locate pages and keywords that your target customers have demonstrated interest in, and type that in the search bar to use.

4. Make Your Target Audience Between 250,000-500,000 People

This last tip is also very important. What we have found is that the most effective ads and the ones that get the best results in terms of clicks, typically have a projected audience between 250K and 500K people. I suggest tailoring your keywords and interest choices so the audience falls into this range.

This is not to say that if you have 50,000 or 2 million people targeted that your ads will completely flop. But in our experiments and research, 250-500 is the number to stick within.


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