3 Social Media Sites Bloggers Are Neglecting

Blogging has obviously taken off over the past decade…I don’t have to tell you that. After all, your reading a blog right now 🙂

I’ve seen blogs on every possible topic from internet marketing, to kids basketball, to bird watching. You know Apple’s saying “There’s an app for that”…? Well, I’m coming up with a new line: “If you want to learn about something, there’s a blog for that”.

It always interests me to see how and where blogs get the bulk of their traffic. Sure, most blogs probably don’t get any traffic whatsoever. But it intrigues me to see where the highly successful blogs are promoting themselves and where the traffic is coming from.

It also interests me to see where the highly successful blogs are failing to build an audience. It’s funny to see bloggers have hundreds of thousands of followers on one platform, and less than 100 on another. Here are 3 social media sites that I feel bloggers need to start utilizing more effectively:


1. Pinterest

It’s no secret that Pinterest has become of the top platforms in the world. It’s now the 3rd biggest social media site behind just Facebook and Twitter. And yet I see so few bloggers taking advantage of the massive traffic opportunities that lay within Pinterest. 

Personally, I believe bloggers tend to neglect Pinterest because of it’s “picture culture”. Bloggers tend to think that creating pictures and uploading them to Pinterest on a regular basis is too much work and they don’t want to deal with it. Guys, it’s not that difficult. You just install the ‘Pin It’ button to your browser and click a few buttons here and there. You don’t have to have a professional photographer on staff.

Bloggers, get your butts on Pinterest. It’s time you take advantage of our photo loving world.


2. Vine

I love Vine. It must be the easiest and quickest way to cheer yourself up when you are feeling a little down. I mean come on, where else can you find so much humor crammed into just 6 seconds?

Vine is a fantastic place to express your personality. Since bloggers are “personality writers” anyways, why not take advantage of video and express different elements of your personality? It’s the perfect place to make quick comments and remarks on anything you please via video.

For the first time, businesses and bloggers can get away with publishing crappy, unedited videos. Don’t ignore this opportunity


3. Instagram

I actually fully understand why bloggers aren’t exactly jumping onto Instagram. There are a couple reasons why Instagram is not ideal for online businesses…

1) It’s local. Instagram tends to hold local communities rather than topical communities, meaning the people hanging out and liking each others photos are the immediate friends. They don’t necessarily have the same interests, but they follow and like each others stuff because they go to the same school or work in the same building.

2) It requires some good looking photos. Unlike Vine, Instagram photos take a bit of thought and editing before publishing. You can’t just take any crappy photo and expect it to get a good reaction on Instagram. People like clean, pretty photos on their photo feed. Instagram has many tools to make it easier, but it takes a few moments of thought.

With all this being said, Instagram still holds the keys to the future of social media. You as a blogger may be able to get away with ignoring it for now, but eventually your followers are going to want to see what you are up…on the go.


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  1. Chandra
    4 years ago

    This is a great, concise write-up Alex. I just set up an Instagram account for my business a couple of weeks ago so this definitely confirms that I’m on the right track! Thanks.

  2. Parker
    3 years ago

    A insightful blog post right there mate ! Thank you for posting .

    • Alex Hamm
      Alex Hamm
      3 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, parker!

  3. Beverly Kumar
    3 years ago

    Alex, Thanks for this post. So.very.true. I recently attended Guy Kawaski’s webinar on how to increase your following and learned that content shared on Pinterest is active for months- as opposed to an hours on Facebook/Twitter.

    • Alex Hamm
      Alex Hamm
      3 years ago

      That’s very interesting, and a concept I kinda forgot about. But yes. it is there for a long time. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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