2 Mobile Platforms to Keep An Eye On In 2014

Yes, I know we are already well into 2014. The title of this post almost entails that it should have been written back in December of ’13. But needless to say, we still have a lot of time left in 2014 and I have a few things to say about mobile social media. These 2 monster apps have already made it big and they are platforms that businesses need to consider jumping onto before it gets to late.


vine-app-icon1. Vine

I’m planning on writing an eBook on how to use Vine for marketing within the next few months. I truly believe it has a tremendous amount of potential for individuals and businesses to show off their “human side”. Not only that, but Vine has already created numerous celebrities and it will continue to make more, as the 6 the second looping video platform is perfect for wannabe comedians and aspiring musicians.

But even if you are not a musician or comedian, I would keep an eye on this platform, and consider getting onto it. It reached 10 million users in one year and will continue to grow. Businesses can really use it to connect with their customers and show that they have a real personality.


2. Snapchat

I have not started using Snapchat for business yet, but I know my colleague Gary Vaynerchuk certainly has. The dissolving picture app company that turned down 3 billion from Facebook has started to get more and more business friendly with it’s implementation of “Stories”.

Stories is a feature that allows users to upload a longer picture/video and publish it for all there friends to see. I can certainly see businesses using it as a way to connect with their customers via photo. With literally hundreds of millions of active users, it won’t be ignored by marketers for much longer.


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