11 Success Tips for Killing It On Google Adwords

Google adwords, although  often thought of as a dinosaur, is still a very effective way to drive targeted people to your offers. With genius insights and the ability to specifically target certain keywords, it allows marketers and business owners to directly draw in new customers without spending thousands of dollars on outdated techniques.

Until recently, Facebook advertising was the main platform that provided my business with sufficient leads. However, after avidly researching the strategies behind Google Adword campaigns, I am starting to use the platform to drive clicks back to my offers and landing pages.

Richard Bell of Apogee Web Consulting has some very interesting insights on the topic of getting more traffic and conversions through Google Adwords. He shares it in his post 11 Tips for Google Adwords Success

4. Set a daily budget higher than Google recommends 

If you set your daily budget too low, your ad will be displayed intermittently. This is not what you want. You always want your ad to be shown when someone searches for your keywords. Control your ad spend through other means such as employing negative keywords, using exact matches, targeting by region and adjusting keyword bids.

Contrary to common belief, Google is still KING of the web. There is still a gold mine of traffic, leads, and customers to obtain via the world’s largest search network and there is no reason for you not to take take advantage of it. Read the article now…





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  1. Alyce J
    3 years ago

    Thanks for linking to this article. I have had Simon good results with Adwords but I have found at you need to be quite specific with your keywords to reach your niche especially if you have a smaller budget.

    • Alex Hamm
      Alex Hamm
      3 years ago

      Thanks for your Alyce. Keep up the great work and always use the strategies that work best for your market.



  2. NReedus's Smile
    3 years ago

    you have an amazing blog with lots of good advice that reaches out to many people in a positive way.

    • Alex Hamm
      Alex Hamm
      3 years ago


  3. Rosana
    3 years ago

    Muy bueno el post. Gracias,
    un saludo cordial!!

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